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Our Products

Florida Fixed Income Trust

The Florida Fixed Income Trust (FL-FIT) is an investment solution specifically designed to meet the diverse needs of Florida’s local governments.  FL-FIT’s four investment pools offer alternative, liquid and effective solutions to meet your investment horizons.

Separately Managed Accounts

Having a separately managed account with Water Walker Investments offers a simple solution for municipalities that are interested in outsourcing all or part of the investment process.

Treasury Management Services & Investment Consulting

Water Walker Investments provides consulting to the managers of public funds in many areas.  These specialties include:  treasury management, investment policy development, custodian bank analysis, fiduciary services for retirement plans and other investment advice.

Texas Fixed Income Trust

The Texas Fixed Income Trust (“TX-FIT”) is an investment solution designed specifically to fit the needs of Texas’ local governments. TX-FIT’s provides two pools that offer a variety of options to meet your investment criteria. 

Insured Deposit Portal

The Insured Deposit Portal (IDP) is a federally insured deposit program.  By blending multiple bank funding programs into one IDP account, you can invest a greater amount, rely on daily oversight of the combined portfolio, receive one statement and enjoy the simplicity of one single account access point.